Mass Transfer Internals

Sepco Process offers a variety of Mass Transfer Tower Internals used in
the petrochemical, gas, and oil industry. Our specialized focus
is in designing and providing mass transfer tower internals used
in Gas Sweetening (Amine), Dehydration (Glycol) and Gas
Processing/Fractionation/Stabilization applications.

Distillation Trays: Sepco Process offers a
variety of designed and replacement trays, including Sieve,
Floating Valve, Fixed Valve, and Bubble-Cap Trays.

Sieve Trays: Manufactured on a perforated tray
deck with circular holes. These trays are ideal for the low liquid
to gas ratio applications. Seive trays are also less prone to

Fixed Valve Trays: Manufactured with an immobile
valve on a tray deck, this design compared to the sieve tray,
enhances vapor and liquid contact and also works well in
high-probability fouling service.

Floating Valve Trays: Manufactured with a
moveable “floating” valve that is attached to the tray deck.
These valves open and close based on the inlet gas flowrates and
offer a wide turndown ratio, without losing tray efficiency.

Bubble Cap Trays: Manufactured with a
fixed/removable cap and riser and is attached to the tray deck.
This design forms a seal on the top of the tray deck which works
well in services with low liquid rates. Bubble Cap Trays also
offers high (10:1) turndown rate capability.

Packed Tower Internals: Sepco Process offers a
full line of Random and Structured packing along with related
tower internals including: Vapor/Liquid Distributors, Hold-down
Supports, Packing Supports, Chimney Trays, and Inlet Devices.

Structured Packing

Structured packing is formed by vertical sheets of corrugated
metal with the angle of the corrugations reversed in adjacent
sheets to form a very open structure with inclined flow
channels. To simplify installation, it is provided in pre-formed
segments that are sized to fit through the vessel manway.

Structured packing is installed in layers approximately 8 in to
10 in high with adjacent layers rotated through 90 degrees.
Also, a wall wiper band located around the center of each layer
provides a seal and directs liquid from the vessel wall and back
into the packing.

Our structured packing is used a large variety of applications on
the gas, oil, and water treatment services. This includes TEG
Contractor Columns, Amine Columns, and 2 and 3 Phase separators.

Random Packing

Sepco Process offers a wide range of standard to high perfomance
random packing including Pall rings, I-rings, and saddle rings.
We offer our packing in a wide range of materials also including
stainless steel, ceramic, and polypropolene.

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