Foam Breaker

Foaming is a problem that generally occurs during the process of fermentation. This problem occurs especially during the use of the growth media with high protein content. Foam breaker is something like a chemical agent that is used in the fermentation to prevent the formation of foam during the preparation of a treatment fluid or slurries at some surfaces as the excess foam created during the mixing process may cause problems with pumping and handling. Moreover, it may also interfere with the performance of the mixed fluid.

A good foam breaker easily promotes the application of foam fractionation. It strengthens bubble coalescence significantly. In the same way, a foam breaker also improves the de-foaming percentage. At Sepco Process Inc., we are all dedicated to manufacturing and supplying high-quality foam breakers considering all these characteristics. This is the key-point behind our success in developing such a quality of foam breakers that always stand at the topmost position in the list of the foam breakers from a number of some well-known separation equipment manufacturing companies.

foam breaker