Structured Packing

Structured Packing refers to the variety of materials that are specially designed for the improvement of the efficiency of the distillation, absorption columns, and a few chemical reactors. We design it to direct the variety of fluids on the complicated paths inside the columns. These types of packing are usually made from thin pieces of corrugated metal plates and/or gauzes. With this congested design, this packing has a large surface area that plays an important role in maintaining contact between the different phases of separation processes.

Sepco Process Inc. is a well-known company for years since its establishment due to the quality of its structured packing products. From Gauze packing to Grid packing, we always stand at the top in terms of manufacturing every type of high-quality structured packing equipment. Available in a variety of enhancements, all our structured packing equipment is assured to give what you really want; i.e., maximize the spreading of the liquid; which is ideal for those applications that have low pressure and irrigation rates.