Mesh Pads

A mesh pad is an industrial equipment used for the purpose of the elimination of mists from mixture-separation. Primarily, this equipment is a type of mist-eliminator and is used for the purpose of separating the mixture of liquids. It is made from metal or plastic mono-filaments knitted in a tubular form. This pad easily removes the liquid droplets from the gas stream or air inlet.

A mesh pad comes to be very useful when separating droplets in a demister. It plays a very important role in getting the work done by impacting the droplets and thereby creating a collision with its surface; which is something very important for the separation of the droplets. As a mesh pad comes in multiple varieties, it depends upon the precise conditions like temperature and pH of the mixture to be separated; regarding what type of mesh pad should work the best. Depending upon the type of the mixture, and the other precise conditions, one can choose anything from plastic and fiberglass to metallic wires.

mesh pad