A coalescer is a piece of industrial equipment that is used for the separation of the liquid-gas or liquid-liquid hydrocarbons into their own individual forms thereby using the principles of coalescence. This device works best in separating the liquid-liquid or liquid-gas mixtures. Depending upon the type of the coalescer, it uses its baffles or the electric current to get the task done. It’s often called as ‘coalescing filter’ or ‘filter coalescer’.

Some of the primary functions of a coalescer include removing water droplets, submicron oil, and other liquid droplets from gas. There are a variety of models of coalescing filters that have looks similar to that of the filtering elements but they are used for other functions; unlike a coalescer. Good quality works best in forcing small droplets of liquids; carrying gases along with them; to crash into some other droplets and then coalesce into the larger ones that aren’t buoyant in that gas.

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