Liquid Filtration

Liquid filtration is the procedure of removing the solid particles, foreign contaminants, and impurities suspended in a fluid stream. This process utilizes liquid filters to get its task done. While doing so, the fluid mixture passes through a filter medium where the solid particles are retained. This process is widely used in the separation of solid-liquid mixture.

The process of liquid filtration that makes great use of the liquid filters; are utilized well by the industries like food & beverage manufacturing, medical facilities, pharmaceutical industries, and also waste-water treatment. Some homes and offices also utilize bag-filters for the purpose of getting their tasks done. These filters are often known as ‘small-scale filters’.

Sepco Process Inc. also deals with filtration-related products. We deal with the manufacturing & supply of everything from a simple sock element to the fabricated strainers including carbon canisters & vessels, pleated elements & vessels, liquid/liquid coalesce and separator elements and vessels. Our products are used and admired by all the industries dealing with chemical processing.

liquid flitration