Sand Removal System

Our Swirl Desander – Sand Removal System is a centrifugal device used in horizontal and vertical production separators where there is a requirement for effective sand removal.  The Swirl Desanders require less flushing water consumption and pressure than traditional sand jet systems, resulting in lower operating costs for your customers.

Flushing water is introduced tangentially via the inlet port, which is fitted with a unique profile to induce a strong swirling motion in the water.  As the water flows down towards the exit port, it accelerates due to the reduction in cross-sectional area, creating a faster spin.  The flushing water contains enough energy to fluidize the surrounding sand and form a slurry suitable for extraction.

The sand slurry is withdrawn through the center of the device vertically upwards, where it flows to the discharge piping.  The effective coverage of the standard unit is around 1 m2 and water consumption is about 15 gallons per minute at a pressure of about 10 psi above the operating pressure.

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