Fixed Valve Tray

A fixed valve tray is a type of tray that comes with two distinctive characteristics. The first one is that it is punched from the trey deck material and thus, doesn’t remove any metal due to which the trey becomes even stronger. The second distinctive characteristic is that the opening of the valve is cleaned constantly during the operation due to the vapor exiting to the side of the valve.

The fixed valve trays provide a 3 to 1 turndown. This level of the turndown is considered to be better than a float valve or a sieve tray design. Also, this tray gives you the added benefits of lower pressure drops.

Sepco Process Inc. is one of the well-known manufacturers of fixed valve trays. We have a team of some well-experienced and certified professionals who are all dedicated to serving all of our clients with high-quality fixed valve trays that are all targeted to give you peace of mind for a long time without the need to replace them.

fixed valve tray