Multi Cyclone

A multi cyclone demister is used for the extraction of the dust from the generating points. It works by retaining the dust-particles inside the dust-collectors and then allowing the clean airflow to the atmosphere. Multicyclone demister is also able to remove light liquid from process stream.

Due to its high efficiency, it is ideal for protecting downstream equipment from damage or blockage caused by solids build-up. Removal efficiencies for solids can be 5 microns or better; for liquids 8 microns or better.  Performance and pressure drop depends on actual operating conditions. High liquid loads or slugging applications may require an initial KO section before entering the cyclones.

Sepco Process is a well-known manufacturer of the best quality cyclone separators. All our cyclones are widely used in woodworking, machining, and more importantly, in metal-grinding.

Typical installations include:

  •  Protection of filters and extension of filter life
  •  Pipeline debris removal before compression
  •  Fuel gas cleaning
  •  Black powder removal
  •  Bulk liquid/solid removal applications

multi cyclone      multi cyclone