Random Packing

Random Packing refers to the method of packing a distillation column with a variety of randomly fitting filtration materials; that help in maximizing the surface area for the interaction between the reactants. The primary use of random packing is to create the surface area for the vapor/liquid contact that is required for a successful and desired chemical reaction. This type of packing is also used widely to minimize the complexity of the construction of such columns. This packing is one of the best alternatives to structured column packing as it comes to be useful in most mixture-separation processes like distillation, absorption & stripping. There are different types of random packing: Raschig Ring, Lessing Ring, Paul Ring, Bialecki Ring & Dixon Ring.

Sepco Process Inc. also manufactures the best quality random packing equipment. Its random packing equipment is all engineered by experts to optimize the contact between the reactants. Moreover, our random packing equipment is also assured to provide a large specific surface area while maintaining a small pressure drop. With a high transfer efficiency of mass & heat, this type of packing has all the advantages of an improved contact area.

random packing