Floating Valve Trays

Floating valve trays are the trays that are composed of the punched tray decks that are fitted with the movable valves. The motility of these very valves allows the tray in changing the open area with the change in the vapor load. This type of tray comes to be the best alternative in the projects with the probability of a very high turndown. For the floating trays, there are a wide variety of valve types that have legs in the form of valve discs. These legs help in limiting excessive upwards movement. Also, this type of tray allows an easy restriction of the valve-disc movement by simply fitting a cage to the panel of the tray. The valve discs/trays of the floating valve trays are available in two different shapes: round & rectangular. The vapor flow is controlled according to the capability of the floating valves. This is why the floating valve trays are considered to provide better-sustained efficiency over a wider operating range as compared to the sieve trays.

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floating valve trays