Gas Filtration

In terms of chemical processing and mixture separation, gas filtration is the process of using specially designed filter media along with some chemical substances for the purpose of removing gaseous pollutants from the air. Usually installed in the ductwork of a building’s heating or cooling system, most of the gas filtration systems use a sorbent that absorbs chemical substances and removes them from the indoor air. Some of the most-commonly use sorbents include activated carbon or charcoal. These sorbents work effectively in capturing vapors, chemicals, harmful gases, and odors from the air.

In the ductwork of a building’s heating or cooling system, the air circulating through the furnace or air-conditioner enters a pre-filter. Here, the solid particles get removed from the air. Now, the air becomes free from solid particles; which continues into the gas-phase filter. At this point, the gas filtration system removes or destroys the airborne chemicals before they enter the HVAC equipment. This is how the gas filtration or air filtration systems work in keeping the air around you as healthy and clean as possible.

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gas filtration