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Sepco Process, Inc.

Sepco Process, Inc. offers efficient and competitive solutions for designing and supplying vessel and tower internals for separation, mist eliminators, filtration and mass transfer applications in the petrochemical, oil & gas, and water treating industries.

Sepco Process has gained a global reputation for responsive and
process equipment solutions that meet our customer’s needs both
technically and commercially. Sepco Process provides advanced design
solutions and premier products, on-demand, to a wide range of
applications. Based in Houston, Texas, home to the world’s largest
concentration of oil, gas, and chemical engineering, manufacturing
operating companies, we are ready to serve you!

We have become an industry leader through our expertise, outstanding
customer service and long-term relationships with our clients!

Our mission statement is straightforward – we want to provide the
products, service, support, and value to our customers, guaranteed!

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“The entire team at Sepco Process is highly energetic and dedicated to their work. I am honored to work with such a special group of individuals!”

Tim M.

“Sepco Process is the best thing that ever happed to my life. It made me who I am today.”

Dilip D.