Separation Internals


The professionals at Sepco Process Inc. size, select, and provide filtration, separation, and coalescing equipment to meet our customers needs.

Mist Eliminators: Mesh Pad

Mesh pads: Sepco Process’ mesh pads can be made of any material which is ductile enough to be drawn into wire. Although Sepco Process supplies 300 stainless series mesh as a standard, many other materials including Monel, Inconel, Alloy 20, duplex stainless and nickel are available upon request. A Mesh pad may be more prone to plugging than other tower internals but it offers excellent efficiency.  


Our mesh pads are fabricated to meet virtually any vessel geometry and orientation with Sepco Process’s designers determining the size and style of mist eliminators required to meet or exceed our customer’s process requirements and specifications.

Mist Eliminators: Vanes

Vanes are used for the separation of liquid from gas. These vane type mist eliminators have lower efficiency but are less prone to plugging than standard meshpads. Sepco Process designs and supplies many types of vanes, including:
// Standard Vane
// Pocket Vanes
// Hook Vanes  

Axial Cyclones
Axial Cyclone Swirl Tubes are offered for high performance applications. They are an excellent choice for applications having high operating pressure and high fowling cases. The Axial Cyclones offer performance which in many cases cannot be achieved with a standard mesh pad or vanes. 


As added benefit, Axial Cyclone Swirl Tubes can also significantly decrease vessel diameter and maintain design efficiency!

Gas Filtration
// Coalescer Elements & Vessels
// Particulate Elements & Vessels
// FilterSep Elements & Vessels
// Air/Oil Separator Elements

Liquid Filtration
// Sock Elements
// Pleated Elements & Vessels
// Carbon Canisters & Vessels
// Liquid/Liquid Coalescer & Separator Elements
// Separator Elements & Vessels&
// Fabricated Strainers

Inlet Devices:

Sepco Process has four types of inlet devices including the Pipe- Distributor, the Wedge-Type Diverter, the Vane-Type Diffuser, and the Cyclone Inlet Diffuser.

Selection of the appropriate application is dependent on the momentum of the incoming feed. Simultaneously, SEPCO inlet devices will smooth out the flow through process vessels and allow only fine liquid droplets to confront the mist eliminator element, thus providing greater process capacity and efficiency!

Seporator Internals
Sepco Process Specializes in designing and supplying coalescers in Seporator vessels including: 2 phase (gas/liquid), 3 phase (gas/liquid/liquid) applications. We offer numerous coalescing and separation products including:

Coalescers: Knitted wire Coalescers, Parallel Plate Coalescers, and Corrugated Plate Coalescers.

Foam Breakers: Often crude oil exhibits moderate or severe foaming tendencies, which can be problematic for separation internals installed in Production Separators, Slug Catchers, and Free Water Knock-Out Drums. To relieve this problem, Sepco Process Inc. supplies both traditional foam breaking internals and state-of-the-art, next-generation Inlet Cyclones, depending on the application. The Inlet Cyclone design eliminates foam related problems by utilizing cyclonic action, high G-forces, and thus, efficiently breaking down incoming foam to liquid and gas phases.

Motion/Calming Baffles: Oil production on floating platforms brings about unique problems.  Because of extreme wave action, separation of oil, water, and gas can be difficult as the three phases tends to mix within the production vessels. Sepco Process Inc.’s baffle design helps in dampening the wave motion and to minimize the mixing of the three phases, even in the greatest of storm conditions.